About Me

In my high school ages I wrote poems and directed dramas in school and believed in the power of art and catharsis. Now I know that not only the creator, but the public have to believe in it.

After a technical and an art graduation beside photography and participating at diaporama (slideshow) festivals I spent my life in the theatre. I worked as the sound engineer of Vígszinház, and later as its music editor, however, I also designed prepared projected scenic effects as well – among others for the Thalia Theatre, for József Attila Theatre and for Radnóti Theatre. The most known of my projected diaporamas prepared for theatres are: Balázs Béla - A kékszakálu herceg vára (Castle of the Blue-bearded Prince) and the prose-stage performance of Fekete korsó (Black Jar) (81), Brecht - Baal (85). For the vision design of Bluett in Játkészín I received scenic I prize on the XIV. International Theatrical Festival in 1987. Further projects: Játszd újra Sam (Play again Sam) - Vígszínház, Csontváry - Vígszínház, Semmi ágán (On the Branch of Nothing) - József Attila Színház, Álmodtam egy várost (I have dreamt a town) - József Attila Theatre, Mindhalálig Beatles (Beatles forever) - Thália Theatre, I' love you Budapest - Radnóti Theatre

The movie still was missing, the moving dream, the fixed reality. Peter Korniss photo-artist, for my festival successes, recommended to the head of the International Organization of Journalists’ movie studio. The dream came true.

On the basis of the assignment of the Documentary Films Divisions of the Hungarian Television, we shot a documentary film in the United States about the life of Hungarians in America. Our journey concentrated on the major emigration centres of Hungarians (Cleveland, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, Toronto). Documentaries made here were: Magyarok Ohióban (Hungarians in Ohio ) Gesztenyés (Chestnut distric), Torontói hímzőasszonyok (Embroidering women in Toronto), Dús László porter (Portrait of László Dus), ...És lámpást adott kezembe az Úr (and God gave a lantern in my hands), Hemingway barátja voltam (I was a friend of Hemingway’s), etc)

Upon the assignment of TV2 and Duna TV, and in cooperation with Omnicolor Studio we made another documentary with the title: Hungarians for the New World about the famous Hungarians living in the United States: Prof. Ede Teller – atom-physicist, Prof. George Oláh chemist awarded with Nobel prize, Tibor Vajna Film producer, Pczek sisters – lead-glass and fresco masters, László Zsidek software developer, Judit and Klara Kadas music teachers, Imre Makk - painter, Miklos Ybl – architect. Damascus Aquarian – painter, Ferenc Pavlovics – inventor of the lunar rover.

As the Creative Manager of Legenda Idegenforgalmi, Művészeti Szolgáltató Ltd. in 1990 I was involved in a project that was unique in those days. We started a ship on the Danube that made a one-hour cruise, going past the most famous sights found on the river-banks – and meanwhile a film was being shown on the ship to the guests introducing the inside of the actual sight that can be seen on the bank from the outside. This cruise has still run for more than 20 years and it provides a memorable experience to the visitors in 32 languages. My film, Budapest, the Perl of the Danube, which was also available in commercial sales, was rewarded with a prize on 1992 on the film Festival in Montecattinin Therme.

The youth programs might not miss from the more and more colourful activities, and also the health care & culture ones. Duna Television presents the TV serials titled KalandoZoo (Adventure in the Zoos) and Vámos Miklós’s Club (literary magazine programs) producer: PACO Production Company. Teázzon a Kor Kontrollal (Tea time with the Age Control Society) is a healthcare serial prepared with Györgyi B. Király editor.

A long-cherished dream came true when film serial was shoot about the Hungarian and the cross-border monuments temples together with Eleonora Mocsár editor for Duna Television. My last movies are Hatan Indiáról ( Six view about India) and Iskola a Hargitán (High school at Hargita).

In my life I have a lot of help, encouragement, understanding and loving care from my wife and children, who were not always easy to understand the difficulties involved with new challenges.

My life and profession has always been devoted to the attraction of the photo and moving, to the real and virtual pictures. The photo, film and theatre were a sphere, whose world - full of challenges - has always let me dream. And I have dreamt a world with the individual in its centre, where the biggest value and treasure is freedom without borders. Freedom in science, freedom in music, freedom in art and freedom in the real LIFE.