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Diaporama is a genre between the genres conveying the artist’s message with the symbols of permanent changes upon the use of the artistic tools of vision (photo) and sound (music, burr), with film-like dramaturgy.
The technique of diaporama is simply projecting stills from two or more projectors onto the same surface, with pictures either following each other in time or being present at the very same time or with one dissolving in the other.

Iron Tree Century
International Festival Award
New Zealand - II. prize (1984)

In memoriam Pilinszky
International Festival Awards:
Brisbane (Australia) – I. prize and best sound montage (1982)
Folkestone (England) – III. prize (1984)
Portalegre (Portugal) – I. prize of category

Latinovits Syndrome
International Festival Vac (Hungary) – I. prize (1985)

International Festival Awards:
Brisbane (Australia) – I. prize and best sound montage (1984)
Folkestone (England) – I. prize (1984)
Amsterdam (Netherlands) – I. prize (1985)

The diaporama was prepared on the Kulich statue composition of Varga Imre. The unusual, twiggy “metal tree” with its tensed body inspires infinite thoughts in the mind of a thinking photographer. It inspires to think about life, death, war, suffering and about those horrors that appear as their consequences. 
It also warns us that it is not necessary at all that life should mean the same for the next generation.There are seven cubes
The first is unknown
The second is ways and distance
In the third there are solders
In the fourth one we are
In the fifth there are hunger and bread
In the sixth there is silence
I don’t know the seventhWhat depths of existence and non-existence do we have to reach in order to be able to say:  we were born, we loved, we created, we lived. The actor king could not tolerate mediocrity either in art or in private life. Passion and tribulations these accompanied him throughout his life.Originally it was a slideshow for a drama based on Alberto Moravia’s novel: Il disprezzo (A Gost at Noon or Contempt). This diaporama was produced with contribution of Marta Egri, Sandor Lukacs and Janos Kovacs actors. The independent diaporama was produced in 1983. It can be found in the Archive of International Federation of Photographic Art.