Picture Sound Composition

Director, Peter Valló had a quaint idea. We might make a slide-show to a radio play. The radio play, itself was very interesting. Its subtitle was stereo poem composition. At that time using of stereo sound was really interesting task at a performance of polyphonic, surround poem. Tibor Surround of Zalán’s poems gave special opportunities for the photographer and the director. The result of this work was the “Song for a Glass”, a genre between genres, as a symbiosis of the poem, performing arts, photo, visual effect and surround.

This poem is one of the three verses in Tibor Zalán’s poetry titled Opus N3: Koga. At first it was presented by the author with musical accompaniment in the radio. The stereo poem sound performance was introduced at the Cultural Festival in the Leisure Centre, Almássy square, Budapest.