Theatrical attraction

These tasks ensure great unfoldment and creation for the visual designer. Only the technical constraints impose limits. It requires great creativity and at the same time infinite tolerance and adaptability from the creators. Since conflicts of interest can arise within almost all theatre section. But this is the beauty of this task.

Heinrich von Kleist: Duke of Homburg – Vígszínház, Budapest
Peter Shaffer: Equus - Pesti Színház, Budapest
Woody Allen: Play again Sam – Vígszínház, Budapest
Irén Kiss: Csontváry – Vígszínház, Budapest
Béla Balázs: Castle of the Blue-bearded Prince – Dunaújváros
Béla Balázs: Black Jar – Dunaújváros
Brecht: Baal - Zalaegerszeg
Sándor Juhász, Péter Valló: Bluett – Játékszín, Budapest
Saint Exupery: Le Petit Prince – József Attila Színház, Budapest
Péter Siposhegyi: On the Branch of Nothing – József Attila Színház, Budapest
Nil Simon: Barefoot in the Park – József Attila Színház, Budapest
Irén Kiss: I have dreamt a town – József Attila Színház, Budapest
Miklós Munkácsy: Beatles forever – Thália Színház, Budapest
László Földes (HOBO): I’ love you Budapest – Radnóti Színház, Budapest


For the vision design of Bluett in Játkészín I received scenic I prize on the XIV. International Theatrical Festival in 1987.
Semmi ágán (On the Branch of Nothing) - József Attila Színház was rewarded with niveau prize.

The premiere of “Beatles Forever” was in Thália Theatre at 30. 12. 1988. It was played for five years and during this time it was performed two hundred and fifty times. The manager of the theatre did not believed either in the success of the play or the complicated visuals. The 250 presentations belied these concerns. The Beatles Forever play was the goodbye presentation of the Company at 22. 05 1993 what TV recording was made from.The premiere of “Play again Sam” was in Vig Theatre at 07. 11. 1983. and it is still played There are not too many dramas in Hungary, which are permanently in repertoire so long. The main character is Felix Allan embarrassed, gawky, bespectacled, neurotic, New Yorker artist-intellectuals. His life is in dead end because his wife left him. He is sitting lonely in his flat in Manhattan and speculating about the reason of his fiasco…Its premiere was in Premier-Stage in Dunaújváros in 1981. It is an one-act drama directed by Peter Valló, main characters: Gábor Reviczky as Blue Bearded Prince, Judit Hernádi as Judith and Tibor Szilágyi as narrator. There was a big challenge that the whole set design based on the slideshow, the diaporama.