In 1992 I was shooting a film about laying the foundation stones of an artist compound for folk artists. A lady in red dress came up to me. She was Ildikó Vigh – Editor of the Hungarian Television in Cleveland. She asked whether I would make a film about the Hungarian graveyard in Cleveland, before it would fall prey to the rearrangement plans of the city and before it would be completely devastated by bulldozers.
I said ‘yes’ – which meant the start of my carrier in documentary films. During my stay in the United States of America I recognised that being a Hungarian and the roots from the Carpathian basin do constitute an enormous power. This is a cohesive power over-spanning seas and mountains and makes you utter the world: patriotism.
When I travel to exotic lands and people I look for their culture, place and role in the changed environment. How the different cultures, traditions, folk traditions, typical crafts can survive the spread of civilization. In which form they can coexist with different social systems.

St. Stephen’s Heritage

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Moccasin Trails

Six Years Is Six Years (Homeless)

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Bali from another view

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High School at Hargita

A film is about a Hungarian King who ruled the country more than one thousand years ago. He even nowadays vividly lives in the hearts and minds of Hungarians as the representative of Europeanism justness and clear faith.
He was a person, whose human behaviour is an example for everyone even today, who was canonized by the Roman Catholic Church and who has become the hero of a rock opera presented with penetrating success all over the Hungary and whose character is cherished with the warmest love in the hearts of both the young and the older generations.“Jesus was generous and revealed this secret to me. He opened the book of nature in front of my eyes and I understood that each plant created by him is wonderful – I understood that the rose’s dazzle and the lily’s whiteness does not suppress the fragrance of a tiny violet or the adorably simplicity of a daisy. I understood that if each flower would like to be a rose, nature would lose its spring attire and the fields would be scattered with different tiny flowers. This is also true in the world of soles – that is Jesus’ garden.” /St. Teresa/Stanford is a university town on the west coast of California. Powwow – the international festival of Indians is organised here for more than 25 years. The legendry conflict between Whites and Indians in the American history has softened to humble history in the strongest democracy of the world. The Indians – supported centrally by the state, also enjoying some privileges very often due to their origins – live in peace today with the “Conquerors”, however, the controversies of the centuries and the brutal wars in juvenile novels cannot be erased from people’s minds from one day to the other.The documentary look for answer that how the marginalized people from different social groups can become the residents of streets, squares, doorways and alleys. Why they choose the harsh conditions instead of the hotels for homeless giving heat, cover and food.
Misinterpreted freedom? Is the social loneliness unacceptable? Is the closeness of different behaviour? Many unanswered question.In this movie we looked for answers, why so many people from all over the world take part at this shocking journey. The destinations are Auschwitz and Birkenau. Hungarians and foreigners, relatives and outsiders were asked their feelings, impression, from the names of these two towns.The film shows different life stories, which can allow us to learn more about the wonderful, traditional culture and get answer some interesting questions like: How can happen that a Hindu hierarch has the largest art's trade of Bali? How appears the Balinese tradition in the last Rajah’s modern paintings?Baron Joseph Dobronyi was an aircraftman in Hungary during the II. World War. He did not want war. He was just in the wrong age at the wrong place. Before he was captured, escaped and went to the unbeknown. He chose the adventurous life and became world traveller. He married six times and had one of the greatest collections from the cultures of primitive people in Florida.Six fiends, among them film director, reporter, engineer, went to India. They travelled 4500 km during 16 days from Delhi to South India. Their experiences were recorded in a two-part film.The Árpádházi St. Elizabeth Catholic High School was established at Gyimesfelsolok (Transylvania, Rumania) 18 years ago. In this year it is not only a boarding high school, but it has nursery, elementary school and night school with nearly 500 Szekely and Csango pupils. The graduating students wearing traditional folk dresses say goodbye to their school and the pure Hungarian village.