TV Series

The series is a really challenging task independent from its type. The weekly or monthly regularity give a driving force, but however the monotonicity can be dangerous. But like everything, it has its own beauty. To be a constant presence, always say something new, listen for the feedbacks and incorporate its edifications, integrate them into the next parts. It is often demanding task.

Hungarians for the New World

Each episode of this 12 parts-series introduces Hungarian scientists, artists and other professionals, whose work constitutes a remarkable contribution to the US’s leading role in the world of science, culture, economy and several other areas.
While the whole world is familiar with the achievements of these people, they themselves have remained Hungarians, who responsibly think about our country and about our place in the world. They can even be examples for us to follow.
Famous Hungarians face to face like: Prof. Ede Teller – atom-physicist, Prof. George Olah chemist awarded with Nobel Prize, Prof. John C. Harsanyi – Economist with Nobel Prize, Miklos Ybl – architect, Ferenc Pavlics – inventor of the lunar rover.
But the other series titled Colours from USA introduces such Hungarians who left Hungary from different reasons and began to try their luck at overseas from different reasons.

Music series

These programmes are made for minority interests in POP, ROCK, and JAZZ. The main task is to keep the visual interest too with presentation of close-ups from instruments and virtuoso playing.
During the past years, I was asked to manage several television series on and with rock-music. For four years, BULIVONAL / (Party Line) was presented on MSAT every week and ZENEGÉP (Music Machine) bi-weekly for a year on MTV 1.
CSERFO in18 items introduced the musical delights of Jazz Festival of Cserfo. on Duna TV.

Miklos Vamos’ Club

It is horrible even to say this! Near the end of the 1970s, during the time of my” adventures” in the Vidám Színpad, I met the legendary brown briefcase and the man belonging to it who said that he intended to entertain people with an old-fashioned talk-show.
In 2006. on the basis of the assignment of Duna Television, this famous series was started again, in the Panorama Room of Alexandra Könyvesház with this real personality, famous writer and litterateur, TV-personality, whose name is Miklós Vámos.

KalandoZOO (Adventure in the ZOO)

It is a magazine programme for young people appeared bi-weekly on Duna Television from 2003 with smaller interruption.
The series introduces the natural world of the five continents, their native plants and animals, their specific features and habits with the help of Budapest Zoo & Botanical Garden.
The series also present the flora and fauna of EU countries and visit safari parks and national parks in the surrounding countries. This gives a splendid opportunity to for the presentation of climate-specific natural world of the particular countries. We are looking for situations which remain hidden before the eyes of visitors. We looked at what the animals were doing at night and watched behind the scenes, where the animals' food is prepared or the animals were cured.

Have Tea with Age Control – Don’t Risk It!

The health disseminating might be the only magazine program, which most people are interested in without any generational bondage. This programme was presented on Duna TV bi-weekly and later under the title Ne kockaztass (Don’t Risk!) on Halozat TV.
Beliefs and misbelieves about menopause or what should a man know about the critical age? From what age is it advisable for men to participate in the prostate screening program and what is the PSA test?
Visitors to the venue of the program at Pallas Paholy and viewers watching the bi-weekly editions get answers to similar questions.

Walking on Ancient Stones

My old dream came true in 2009. My idea was realized after more the 10 years. I could shoot a film series about historic Hungarian churches including the cross-border temples as well independently from religions. It was presented on Duna Television.

Girls, who try to find their own barrier from different reasons. Some of them look for adventure, others want to want to learn in English or study at American university and test themselves in international environment, but there are artists, who want to know their international value. Those who feel a need to go, have to go, otherwise they dies.Ivan Tiborc, famous jazz musician had lived in the USA for many years. After he 
came home to Hungary, organized summer jazz event on his estate at Cserfo. At first friends and acquaintances came, the news of this event spread and foreign musicians came as well to play music only for fun.It was really hard to choose from among the famous talking partners like: Imre Kertesz, Lajos Parti Nagy, Peter Esterhazi. Why did I choose Kata Tisza? Her dedication, self-confident, outspoken feminism was a bright colour among the “old-fashion” talk-shows.Not everybody has opportunity to feed polar bears with frozen fishes and fruits from inside of their territory in hot summer time. Our staff could reach it.Health Day at Gyomaendrod is always a heart-warming meeting with those people, who ride a bike to the Community House after a heavy day or on their rest day to listen the lectures of prominent professors about the possibility of protecting the health and they got their levels of blood glucoses and blood pressures measured. That is why it is worth to talk about a healthy lifestyle.This Baroque church built between 1919 and 1925 is only the two towered church in the town of loyalty and freedom. From this episode you can learn that Elizabeth Batthany settled the Dominican at Sopron in 1674.