Video Clips

The first important year is 1995. Gabor Hajnal was the producer of more young bands like: the emerging Digital Scream. He wanted a video clip from a Hungarian adaptation of a well-known song.
Then Gabor Berkes came to me to shoot Video with Alexa Eordogh and Mr Rick discovered by him. Due to the video of Hello Mr Love was the first on the TOP list of MSAT Television for more weeks and other requests came.

Killing Me Softly

Hello Mr Love

Wish a Real Feast

The World Is Going Around

The Earth Spins

Old Boys

Good atmosphere, real party time! When we shot this video, we did not think that this adaptation would survive the band with many years. Based on the audience indicators many people still like to watch and listen it on Youtube It was an unforgettable shooting. A girl started to sing in the famous shopping street of downtown, Budapest. She went to the astonished people, shook hands with them, lightly touched their face or only gave a smile to them. As we know the recordings have to repeat several times, so the walking people met this strange situation during the whole morning.In November 1996, Mr. Lajos Som contacted me with the idea that he intended to publish a CD collection under the title Hundred years and he would like to add a video-clip to the collection. To my biggest surprise, the priest in the church received the rock musicians as good friends of his: Janos Závodi, Bill Gyula Deak, Feco Bakázs, Attila Pataki and several other personalities were among the invited artists.In 1997 we realised the idea of Berkes Gábor and Hajnal Gábor, when in the company of Alexa Eördög and Mr. Rick we set off to shoot a clip on Santorini. The spectacular scenery and the crystal clear sea made a deep impression on everyone. During our work Alexa had to change clothes several times and was not really concerned about the tourists passing by.The work with Gabor Berkes was very good and we jointly prepared the video from song of Emberek band. Gabor just gave the ideas and we could hardly realise them. But it was worth.We were in good connection with the Four Fathers singing band already during recording of Impro Party TV serial. Therefore it was evident that they got us to shoot their video. The guys are fantastic singers with good sense of humour, who solve every problem with joke.