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One, who has a long way to realize his dream, collects and keeps memories of his first successes as relics. I also did it at the beginning of my career. Later it became natural that I could see my name on posters and in newspapers. Slowly it became uninteresting. Today I regret that I kept only a few from them.

The Californiai Magyarság (an American Newspaper in Hungarian Language) volume 70. No.41 contains the memory of our shootings and presentation series in the States.

Interviews and articles reported about the competition films (Walking on Old Stones... History of St. Ann's Church, Teresa Is One of Us... St. Teresa of Lisieux, Moccasin Trails) of Film Weeks and Film Festivals.

Cultural life of Vac often gives opportunities to present my films, these events are also reported by newspapers.

Biography report was presented in the Magyar Nemzet daily newspaper.

Mrs Fruzsina Lázár’s biographical interviews title: Border of timelessnessMrs Eta Bozsán’s article about my way from Indian Land to the Hálozat TV.Mrs Janosne Fehér’s Article about the religious-themed Great Lent and Easter as well as the ethnographic motivated Moccasin Trails movies.ALOHA - film screening from Hawaii in the Váci Művelődési Központban (Culture Center, Vác)Report about the moccasin Trails documentary presented on the Palantir Ethnographic and Anthropological Film Festival in the Mediamix show.Moccasin Trails, documentary - information programThoughts about the Teresa One of Us titled movieTalking about the Teresa One of Us titled documentary movie. It is about life and behaviour of St. Teresa of Lisieux.Talking about the Walking on Old Stones filmReport from the Walking on Old Stones film on 28th Hungarian Film WeekInterview with the film director about the film titled Walking on old StonesWalking on Old Stones, History of St. Ann's ChurchCaliforniai Magyarság (California Hungarians - an American Newspaper in Hungarian Language, volume - 70-No. 41.